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2017 Sau Kong Jau

The monkey has been very kind to us.

On the last working week, before we close off the monkey year, we celebrated with a sumptuous luncheon. 'Sau Kong' in Chinese means ‘Tutup Kedai’, to signify the last day of work for the Monkey year.

Our Sau Kong Chou comes with hand wrapped Mandarin Oranges, hampers, angpaus, a Yee Sang presentation by Putien’s Head Waitress, our first boomerang video, and tons, and tons of food.

As a bonus, Justin Ng, our lovable intern introduced two ‘Hot Chicks’ to us which we made into our company’s unofficial “mascots”

Special shout-out to Amelia, our party planner for the very entertaining Sau Kong Chou.

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