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2017 Birthday @ Chamang Water Fall

Celebrated Jason Lim and Amelia Wong's birthday at Chamang Water Fall. Chamang Water Fall is an easy access waterfall, within 90 mins drive from KL.

Arrived around noon, and proceeded with our BBQ (Burnt, not raw, this round) & our potluck party. My all time favs are Amelia's tuna sandwich and Justin's mum super addictive potato salad. Dunno how come, a hiking day trip turned into a makan feast again.

Into the super sejuk private pool...

And tak lupa, the almost scary suspension bridge

Happy Birthday Amelia & Jason, we hoped that you have a memorable birthday, especially with the super sinful Caramel Gula Melaka (which Justin ate a Quarter...yes you did)

And how can you have a trip to Chamang without a stop over at Bentong Ice Cream Shop & Bentong Walk...

Btw, the things in Bentong Walk tak murah ye..harga KL

Really had a great time with my team...Amelia thank you for forcing us out of our comfort zone and spend the day in a jungle somewhere without any internet connect & thank you for our CRAZY Hunters' team (yes, Zeke, Evian and Jason, you all termasuk juga)!

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