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Jeremy Yap

INTERN | HELP University

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Speaking to both parties help me to understand the different needs and wants and further help me understand humans a little more. 

Emily Khor

INTERN | UCSI University


The culture here is fun and challenging with many activities 

Joseph Yong

INTERN | HELP University


Aside from all the life lessons from the May and Jason, who knew you could learn so much about Engineering and other technical knowledge by working in a HR field?

Hui Xin.jpeg
Hui Xin

INTERN | HELP University

High flexibility and low power-distance working culture. I personally think that the working culture is pretty westernized. And the staff here is less stressful when they have to speak to their superordinates about the working issue as people are pretty flexible here and the 2 bosses are willing to listen to the employee. 

Wong Ye Heng.jpg
Ye Heng

INTERN | HELP University

My last day, it's a bitter sweet moment, bitter where i won't be seeing my colleagues as often for the past 3 months

Joanne Loo

INTERN | TARUC University


Yup, it's good to be in Hunters as Hunters doesn't work as an individual but as a team

Audrey Lee

INTERN | HELP University


I guess my biggest learning outcome during internship in Hunters would be acquiring certain skills like sourcing and interviewing skills since I had zero knowledge about recruitment when I first joined Hunters. 

Justin Ng

INTERN | Monash University


Open and Friendly environment. Besides that, there are foods and dogs.

Marcus Tan

INTERN | INTI University

Marcus Photo.jpeg

Yes, working in Hunter provides a great opportunity to pick up industrial experience

Daniel Koh

INTERN | INTI University

Chibi Daniel Photo.jpeg

I learn how to ASK QUESTIONS, not to doubt myself, be more confident with my work, most importanty is to have fun at work!!!

Claire Yong

INTERN | INTI University


Having multiple tasks at one go and learning how to get things done on time 

Alicia Khor

INTERN | UCSI University

Alicia Khor.JPG

Learned what it takes to be a researcher and was able to work closely with the directors. 

Yevgeniya Pak

INTERN | Asia Pacific University of Technology


Yes, working in Hunter provides a great opportunity to pick up industrial experience

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